The Vogue in Indianapolis used to be a movie theater


The Vogue has been an iconic fixture on 6259 N. College Ave for nearly a century. Each marquee change told a new story to the Broad Ripple neighborhood, and every artist has brought a new flavor to Indianapolis’ music scene. But music isn’t the only language spoken by the storied venue.

The Vogue has a long history of transporting audiences to new places — before the music, it did so with movies, from 1938 to 1977. Broad Ripple natives look back on that time with fondness and nostalgia that so often, only film can evoke. 

“I just remember it being so so big,” said Cynthia Boggs-Lawson, who grew up in Broad Ripple. She first visited the Vogue in 1961 for a friend’s birthday, when they watched “West Side Story.” “I’m just like 12 years old at the time so, you know, just for the first time going into a theater like that, I was in just in awe of it.”


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