The Pats’ free-agent frenzy will have a ripple effect at the NFL Draft


As the Patriots put together a historic free-agent class, a few things came into focus.

Bill Belichick clearly saw that his 2020 team lacked depth on both sides of the ball, which is one reason why the team was so aggressive in signing 13 free agents and re-signing an additional eight players. By doling out more than $160 million in guaranteed money, the Patriots filled their roster with known commodities. Historically, the Pats have been modest spenders in free agency and then fill in some gaps by way of the NFL Draft.

By using such an aggressive approach last month, however, the Pats have ensured that their 2021 roster will rely heavily on veterans and less so on rookies. Right now, the Patriots have 79 players on their 90-man roster. They also have 10 draft picks coming up later this month.

Following their free-agent frenzy, the Patriots have put themselves in position to wheel and deal during the 2021 NFL Draft and can either trade up or out of this upcoming draft.

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