The Long & Winding Road: Post shutdowns: Ripples of trauma as shootings begin again | Columnists


These and so many others. The wounded in the Tucson Safeway shopping center shooting, of course, that left many so seriously wounded and a 9-year-old girl and others dead.

The parents of the young woman shot down in the Colorado movie theater mass shooting. They now travel the country, bringing solace, guidance and support to the most recent survivors of public mass shootings. She told me that every time a new shooting takes place, she and her husband are thrown back in time. They relive the night she learned of her daughter’s death, screaming so loud that her husband ran into the room, thinking she was being attacked.

Now thousands of such survivors are taken back to the horrors of “their” shooting. Why am I not naming them? Because they are dozens within thousands of people cruelly touched by this dark American phenomenon.

I’m not against firearms. I don’t want to “take away” your guns. But after yet two more men with deadly weapons attacked our friends in Atlanta and Boulder, I wish someone had taken their guns away.

Today is Easter, a holiday celebrated for hope and redemption. So shouldn’t I focus on the ascension, rather than bullets flying, blood splattering, people being wounded and dying, leaving holes in yet more people’s lives? Yes, but we need to remember those who can no longer celebrate this or any holiday with their loved ones.

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