Take a look at this lenticular mural artist Phillip Adams created with EskewDumezRipple in Salt Lake City | News




New Orleans-based firm EskewDumezRipple has collaborated with Philadelphia-based artist Phillip Adams to produce a vivid and detailed lenticular mural for their project in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Adams hand-painted the piece across the facade of EskewDumezRipple’s Mya Living project, a new, modern apartment and condominium complex. The artwork is inspired by a local Salt Lake City legend. 

“The mural is inspired by the legend and celebrity of the flamingo, Pink Floyd, who escaped from Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City in 1988, and lived in the Great Salt Lake until last seen in 2005,” Adams recounts the tale in this Instagram post. “He would return to the Great Salt Lake every winter. This playful homage to him links a unique and rare piece of local history with the breathtaking landscapes around Salt Lake City, specifically showcasing Sundial Peak in the Wasatch Mountains. It’s entitled ‘The Return of Pink Floyd.'”



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