Senior Center coming to Orange Grove thanks to generous donor, community members


ORANGE GROVE – A new senior center is being built thanks to a generous donor and community members who have elected to remain anonymous through a new non-profit organization, Pebble with Ripples.

The Orange Grove Senior Citizen Center is starting to take shape. The facility will be a 60×60 building with a total square footage of 3600. The projected competition date is September 1, 2021.

The facility will have a large meeting room that will fit 8 foot long tables, a conference room, restrooms, an office, storage room and a kitchen. There is a covered patio and parking for 50 vehicles.

“We are a non-profit organization that is trys to do good by people. It is made up of community members in Alice, Alfred, Sandia, Orange Grove as well as surroundings areas who are trying to make a difference,” said Pete Crisp, Pebble with Ripples board member and spokesman. “Our projects will focus on seniors, children and veterans.”

“As a Christian based organization our objective is to serve God with consideration that to do so we must be good stewards of God’s time, talent and treasure. It is with the understanding that some people have the time, some have the talent and still others have the treasures that we at Pebble with Ripples work to bring all of these things together to serve our fellow man. Pebble with Ripples is currently looking to empower the generation that has set forward the path before us. We look to offer them a way to reinvent themselves and reignite their passions while engaging with one another and the community. In doing so these seniors will be blazing a new trail of positivity for the rest of us to follow,” Crisp said. “It is with this in mind that Pebble with Ripples first mission is to enhance the lives of the elderly by providing them with a safe, reliable, and clean facility that will feel like a second home. What we have seen is that when the seniors gather together they do so as a family. It is with family in mind that we look to give their loved ones peace of mind that these seniors will now have a reliable place to build friendships, participate in events, receive free meals(donated by Community Action), and just enjoy life. Pebble with Ripples is happy to be a part of the current development of the Orange Grove Senior Citizen Center. We are here to facilitate the progress of this project, but have to acknowledge none of this would have been possible without our array of generous benefactors. It is these amazing people, organizations and businesses that have allowed this project has come to fruition and the lives of so many will be positively impacted.”

The work on the senior center is being done by community members and businesses on volunteer services.

Foundation for a 3600 square foot senior center in Orange Grove.

Pebble with Ripples is in the progress of signing an agreement that would allow the City of Orange Grove and Jim Wells County to operate the senior center. 

“We will be donating it for the full purpose of serving the seniors and the seniors alone. It can never be repurposed,” Crisp said. “This is the first project that the benefactors come together to sponsor. Other projects are in the works.”

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