Ripples from the Dunes: No Place Like Home


This text was written by Nancy Nabak, Communication Coordinator for Woodland Dunes Nature Center and Preserve


It may be mentioned in any language, any accent, and in any tradition, and the reality nonetheless stays, there’s no place like dwelling.


Planet Earth, our valuable dwelling, our habitat, is the place we acquire safety, promote studying and progress, and additional the continuation of our species line. Everybody and each dwelling factor comes from a house, even single-celled amoebas. Species with a higher numbered cell depend could roam, fly, swim, or take root in bigger areas, however house is the place we dwell finest.


Sure types of life have truly tailored to a dual-residency kind of dwelling scenario. Some individuals make their properties within the Midwest in the course of the gentle temperatures then head south for the winter – “snowbirds.” Different animals, similar to neo-tropical songbirds, will conduct an instinctual migration and fly to their non-breeding residency additional south. When nesting season begins to tickle their northward urges, they head again. It’s an advanced however cool phenomenon with no passport needed.


Quickly, very quickly, our early migrators will likely be arriving again dwelling. Reviews of Crimson-winged blackbirds, Sandhill cranes, and Grackles are already coming in. Snowy owls, Widespread redpolls and crossbills that made it down from Canada this winter will quickly be returning to their northern dwelling to begin nesting and elevating their younger.


Every so often a species could wander or be pushed off its course from its dwelling. Final week, Kennedy Zittel wrote concerning the Clay-colored sparrow that has been at Woodland Dunes this winter. This chicken would usually be within the very southern US or Mexico presently, however “Clay” didn’t make it dwelling. So, we adopted this feathered cutie. We proceed to feed him nourishment. We provide him water and supply shelter. We additionally love Clay in a method that we perceive, however are unsure if his little birdbrain will get it. Whether or not or not, Woodland Dunes enjoys being his dwelling.


As we make advances for our human comforts, we could also be forcing variations in different species, such because the Chimney swift. Initially, this species made its dwelling from hollowed-out bushes in old-growth forests. As we logged and minimize, these habitats had been misplaced, however the intelligent swift discovered a strategy to adapt to the within of our chimneys. Sadly, this species is as soon as once more dropping its habitat, the place it lives finest. Chimneys are now not being constructed, and they’re both being capped or demolished at a fee that places this chicken’s numbers in peril. Chimneys are this chicken’s dwelling and needs to be preserved.


Sadly, there are additionally occasions when a species is abruptly displaced from its dwelling. Proper now, multiple million Ukranian individuals have fled their properties as a result of the intuition to dwell is stronger than staying put. The world-changing Russian invasion has prompted a human species displacement the place “dwelling finest” is just not an choice and even doable. Though Woodland Dunes is way away, we want for consolation and safe newfound properties for these individuals. We honor the love and compassion as strangers from surrounding nations open up their hearts and houses to them. And right this moment, in Two Rivers Wisconsin, we understand how really blessed we’re.


The newly launched James Webb telescope is anticipated to see what the universe seemed like round 1 / 4 of a billion years in the past. Paradoxically, now we have the eyes to see, with no telescope, what’s wanted for all life proper now. A dwelling. A spot the place we dwell finest.

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