Ripple- Novatti Group Partnership For XRP Adoption |


Recently Ripple has made the public announcement that they are making a partnership with Novatti Group. It is an international company of payments. This partnership is mainly encouraged in order to help the utilization of the services of the XRP token.

According to Ripple, their collaboration with Novatti will firstly intend to fix the remittances between the Philippines and Australia. This will primarily be carried out with the help of iRemit, a financial services firm.

Positive Activities Of Ripple

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Ripple has also stated that Novatti is expecting to activate thousands of transactions each month. This will be conducted through the RippleNet along with their Liquidity service on-demand.

In addition, Novatti also intends to expand its service to many other countries and customers in the coming future. This news of partnership is quite significant for Ripple owing to the reason that they have been facing several regulatory troubles.

The company is presently charged with securities violations by the Securities & Exchange Commission of the United States of America. As a result, their decision to partner with Novatti is a sign that the company is continuing to look for Asian partnerships. This is because Asia is a much more crypto-friendly market.

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Although the company had first signed this partnership deal in the month of December 2020, they did not make any public announcements of the entire details of the deal until this very week.

The prices of XRP have been trading positively as it broke out of the inverse head and shoulders alignment on 4th April. They have been surging lately by approximately 240% and successfully reached their 3-year high at $1.98.

These recent activities might result in Ripple winning the SEC case. Nonetheless losing will mean a sharp crash to the $0.60 mark or lower.

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