Ripple Glass recycles glass items | Northland


Ripple Glass is a glass recycling company known for placing large purple bins at sites like grocery stores for people to drop off glass items.

In addition to accepting glass food and beverage containers of all colors with labels still attached, other glass items that can be left in the bins are drinking vessels; Mason jars; candle jars with leftover wax; and windows, shower doors and tabletops, as long as frames and hardware are removed.

Not accepted items are: porcelain; ceramic and milk glass containers; china; leaded glass; mirrors; windshields; laminated glass; Pyrex, Corning Ware or other dishware like Corelle brand; light bulbs or TVs.

The following is a list of bin locations around the Kearney, Liberty and Smithville areas.


• Price Chopper, 701 Watson Drive

• City of Kearney Recycling Center, Stonelake Drive and East 19th Street


• Price Chopper, 9717 N. Ash Ave., Kansas City

• Price Chopper, 896 S. Missouri Highway 291, Liberty

• City of Liberty Recycling Center, 400 Suddarth, Liberty


• Price Chopper, 15700 U.S. Highway 169

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