Organ recipients, loved ones commemorate National Donate Life Month in Worcester


WORCESTER — To commemorate April is National Donate Life Month, organ donation recipients and the husband of a donor were joined by city and legislative officials for an event outside City Hall on Monday.

Kenny Laferriere, 37, of Charlton was 8 when he was diagnosed with liver cancer and needed to undergo surgery and chemotherapy treatment. Roughly eight years after his cancer treatments, Lafierrere developed a cardiomyopathy that damaged the left ventricle of his heart.

He received a heart transplant 20 years ago, and credits the donation with saving his life and allowing him to have a family.

“I believe that the donation decision and the transplant, it has a ripple effect. It allows that person not only to regain their life, but it allows them to return to their community, return to gainful employment, have a family, purchase a home have children — all those things that everyday Americans take for granted sometimes,” Laferriere said Monday. “A transplant saves a life, but also allows that life to return to their community.”  

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