NVIDIA Ampere A100 Might Make Its Way In The CMP HX Family As The Fastest Cryptocurrency Mining GPU on The Planet


NVIDIA might possibly be working on a new CMP (Crypto Mining Processor) card which could be based on its Ampere A100 GPU. The Ampere A100 is NVIDIA’s most powerful GPU to date and is currently dedicated to AI and HPC workloads however, it holds the potential to become the fastest cryptocurrency mining GPU on the planet.

NVIDIA Might End Up Featuring Its Ampere A100 GPU In Its CMP HX Cryptocurrency Mining Lineup, Reportedly A Mining Monster

The rumor comes from Kopite7kimi who has a long history of credible leaks regarding NVIDIA’s Ampere line of GPUs and respective SKUs for graphics cards. The leaker was the first to mention that NVIDIA would declare war against cryptocurrency mining operations and the company later offered its own CMP lineup of mining GPUs while simultaneously limiting the hash rate on its Geforce gaming graphics cards (although we know how that worked out for the green team).

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According to the rumored details, NVIDIA might be planning to release a CMP HX Cryptomining SKU based on its Ampere A100 GPU. The leaker refers to the A100 as a ‘Mining Monster’ & says that we will have to wait for more information regarding its raw cryptocurrency mining performance when it’s officially introduced by NVIDIA. There’s no date or specs provided but given that almost all GPU mining algorithms are dependent on memory bandwidth performance, we can expect some huge numbers out of a CMP HX SKU based on the flagship Ampere GPU.

Just for comparison, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 has an average mining performance of 115-120 MH/s in Ethereum using the Daggerhashimotto algorithm. The graphics card is based on the GA102 GPU and features GDDR6X memory with a combined bandwidth of 936.2 GB/s that could certainly be tuned beyond a Terabyte per second of bandwidth. NVIDIA’s officially announced and fastest HX CMP GPU is the 90HX which has a mining performance of 86 MH/s and most likely features GDDR6 memory instead of GDDR6X and on a 320-bit bus interface versus the 384-bit bus interface on the RTX 3090.

The NVIDIA Ampere A100 on the other hand would be an entirely different beast. The card features HBM2 memory for a bandwidth of up to 1.6 TB/s. The PCIe variant of the A100 has a TDP of 250W versus 350W for the GA102 GPU. This could lead to much better efficiency and much higher hash-rate capabilities for the A100 in cryptocurrency mining. However, the main issue with the A100 GPU is that it is very hard to produce to meet the crypto demand and furthermore, it’s super expensive.

The Tesla A100 PCIe GPU accelerator costs around $11,000 US which is 7 times the price of a single RTX 3090 ($1499 US MSRP). Even if we take the inflated prices for comparison, we end up with up to 4 times the price of a single GeForce RTX 3090 which is literally insane. Again, this is all a rumor for now but we will keep you posted if NVIDIA does go the crazy route and unleash its flagship GPU for cryptocurrency miners.

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