Next Ripple of Kindness donation will mark more than $100K in two years


Ripple of Kindness is about to hit a donation milestone and there’s still time for people to join the group and have a say in who gets the next round of cash.

The Orillia chapter of Ripple of Kindness is made up of women, each of whom donates $200 twice a year. They nominate local organizations and then vote on which one will get the money.

The group has more than 180 members, and its next donation is expected to be more than $30,000. That means the group will exceed the $100,000 mark for donations.

Members are currently voting to choose from 16 nominated organizations, and the recipient is expected to be announced in early May.

“This is a good opportunity for people to join now because they get to be part of the magic of the gift, but they also get to have a say in this vote (if they join by April 30),” said Amber McGarvey-Moreland, who is co-director of the local chapter with Raquel Ness.

Since forming in early 2019, the group has donated $83,000. The recipients have been Mariposa House Hospice, Green Haven Shelter for Women and the Building Hope campaign.

“I feel so much pride in our community and our members,” said McGarvey-Moreland. “When we took on this venture, I don’t think Raquel and I ever anticipated that we would grow so quickly and be able to give so much back to the community.”

Ness agreed, saying she was “elated” with the group’s success.

“I never could have envisioned this. The monumental support from our community is heartwarming,” she said.

McGarvey-Moreland encourages more people to join, and she noted it’s important to realize not all members are “well off,” but find a way to contribute $400 per year.

“Several members are, unfortunately, struggling during the pandemic as small business owners. Some have young children with child-care expenses, new mortgages and education debts and, of course, many are retired and/or on a fixed income,” she said. “This giving circle allows us to all work together, pooling our charitable support to make a greater impact for an organization than one individual may not be able to achieve on their own.”

Individual members provide their $200 directly to the recipient, which means tax receipts can be issued.

To learn more about Ripple of Kindness and how to join, visit the group’s website. Information can also be found on the group’s Facebook and Instagram pages or by emailing

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