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We all know how powerful the human brain is! It is true that we still are not able to use it to our full potentials. But what about if I tell you that Microsoft can help us do that? The company has filed a recent patent that will help them mine crypto using brain activity. A report from The Independent suggests that Microsoft plans on “monitoring people’s brain activity and other personal biometric data” to generate cryptocurrencies. This crypto mining system using the human brain can unlock a boat load of possibilities in the near future.

Crypto mining system using human brain

The patent filed by the company said that it will use sensors that will track the specific activity of the users. This activity could include tasks like viewing ads and then convert them into data that can be used to solve complex equations which is what happens in general proof of work systems. There can also be other tasks that can be specified by the company which can be converted to usable mining data. Altogether they plan to use the human body and mind to produce one of the most valuable assets in human history.

Microsoft thinks that instead of using powerful computers that just use a lot of energy, it is better to use the human brain and mind for such activities. Since the brain can do a lot of tasks, convertible to useful data, it can easily act as a computational problem solver. And it will not just focus on mental activity. Microsoft also plans to use physical activity to do mining (Sounds more like gold mining). These activities wouldn’t be so difficult to do. It could be normal running, jogging, or intense exercise. When such activities are performed the signals sent out by the brain can be used for mining.

And finally, Microsft could set specific tasks for interested users that when completed could use their brain activity to mine cryptos. All in all, it is a great idea but we have to wait and see if it actually materializes into something. Because if it does we could be making money doing our daily chores and the energy efficiency problem with cryptos would be gone.

What does this mean for the mining industry?

Difficult to say, but if Microsoft develops something that can be really efficient in crypto mining using the human brain, the industry could take a hit. But I am also pretty sure that not all people will wear around sensors. And it could even run into scalability issues in the future. There could also be efficient issues and it could just be limited to lab use for quite some time.

What do you think about Microsoft’s patent of crypto mining system using the human brain? And do you think it is pushing the boundaries way too much? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative do like it and share it with your friends.

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