Lockdown easing could be delayed due to vaccine shortages, says expert


The easing of lockdown restrictions in the UK could get delayed due to the shortage of Covid-19 vaccines and its ripple effects could last for months, an expert has cautioned.

Dr Simon Clarke, associate professor in cellular microbiology at the University of Reading, stated that the reasons for the delay are unknown but “it will undoubtedly make the meeting of the target dates for lifting restrictions more difficult than they otherwise would have been.”

“By pushing back the under-50s first doses, their second doses are also being pushed back. If full vaccination becomes required for holidays abroad or even more mundane things like going to the cinema, millions of younger people may end up being excluded from participating for the whole summer,” said Dr Clarke, while adding that the “ripple effects could last for months.”

Since the pandemic, the UK has recorded over 4.2 million cases of Covid-19, including over 125,000 deaths. It started the vaccination process in early December 2020 and till now over 25 million people have received their first doses of vaccination.

But health authorities have warned of a month-long “significant reduction” in weekly supply of jabs.

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