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MIAMI, May 17, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Renewable bitcoin mining firm Gryphon Digital Mining has reinforced its ESG commitments to producing cryptocurrencies sustainably by signing the Crypto Climate Accord. Gryphon, helmed by a leadership team of veterans from Disney, Facebook, Google, Nasdaq, Riot, Cantor Fitzgerald, and Netflix, is on a mission to build an industry-leading sustainable digital mining operation. As experts in the cryptocurrency space, the founding team saw the potential for digital mining and environmental leadership to coexist with one another, and established Gryphon to help bring it to reality.

Gryphon’s long-term objective is to be the first vertically integrated crypto miner with a wholly-owned 100% renewable energy supply. Through this, it is working to adhere to the best practice Corporate Governance Principles with the ultimate objective of being listed on senior exchange markets. At launch, it secured up to a 90 megawatt power capacity, and was able to secure power rates as low as just ~1.3 centers per kilowatt hour. The team was founded by President Dan Tolhurst, formerly a senior strategist for Disney & Netflix, and is now helmed by CEO & Director Rob Chang who prior was an MD at Cantor Fitzgerald and CFO of Riot Blockchain. They are assisted by Brittany Kaiser, a globally-renowned expert in digital assets and blockchain technology who sits as Chairperson of the board.

The Crypto Climate Accord was founded by industry leaders in fintech and crypto, alongside the Energy Web Foundation, Alliance for Innovative Regulation, and RMI, as a private-sector-led initiative. Based on the Paris Climate Agreement, this accord serves as a pledge from the entire crypto community to decarbonize the industry in record time. Its firm objectives are to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions for all signatories by 2040, net zero emissions from electricity consumption by 2030, and even more near term, to develop standards and tools to verify progress toward the blockchain industry becoming 100% renewably-powered ahead of the 2025 UNFCCC COP30 conference.

As Gryphon joins crypto industry leadership in climate diplomacy, Jesse Morris, Chief Commercial Officer at Energy Web said, “We are thrilled to have Gryphon Digital Mining, already a committed zero carbon footprint miner, as one of the first Crypto Climate Accord Signatories and look forward to working with them to advance a green hash rate solution as part of the new working group announced today.”

The Accord takes notes from the moves technology giant Google has made to convert its data centers to carbon-free energy by 2030. Their approach will be to develop open-source software that can be utilized by crypto producers, grid operators, and renewable energy companies to prove the origin of the electricity used to mine digital assets. This software will allow for greater accountability and regulation within the space, and help measure the results of their efforts. Together, the Accord will work to build bridges between governance structures, the renewable energy sector, and crypto leaders to enable the different ecosystems to work toward a common goal.

The Crypto Climate Accord has over 45 supporters, but only a handful of signatories, making Gryphon Digital Mining just the third organization to fully pledge and the first to have already achieved its targets.

“We are proud to be one of the first signatories of the Crypto Climate Accord, and will work to help other companies in our burgeoning industry join us. This accord presents unique opportunities for collaboration toward a sustainable future, and we look forward to working alongside our industry colleagues to achieve a sustainable blockchain by 2040,” said Gryphon CEO Rob Chang.

Gryphon Digital Mining is an innovative new venture in the cryptocurrency space dedicated to helping bring digital assets onto the clean energy grid. With a talented leadership team coming from brands like Disney, Facebook, Google, Nasdaq, Riot, Cantor Fitzgerald, and Netflix, it is working to pull in experts from across the globe to improve virtual currencies. More information is available on

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