Florida politicians overrule Keys on cruise ships, chip away home rule


We recently celebrated our anniversary in the Keys. It was fun to be back in the part of the state that calls itself the Conch Republic (Motto: “We Seceded Where Others Failed”) and celebrates an annual Independence Day — which, like many things in the Keys, is basically an excuse to have a party that lasts several days.

While this is mostly tongue-in-cheek stuff, even another piece of the marketing of Margaritaville, it is rooted in a genuine and ongoing frustration with others trying to dictate life in the Keys.

Conch Republic Videos

The latest example: cruise ships in Key West.

In the three decades since we honeymooned in Key West, a lot of things remain unchanged. There still are six-toed cats lounging around the Hemingway House, chickens roaming Blue Heaven, drunk tourists stumbling out of Sloppy Joe’s.

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