Bear enjoys dips in woman’s swimming pool in Naples


A sneaky bear enjoys taking a dip in a Florida woman’s pool.

It’s happening in a Naples neighborhood.

Karen Bockraths said she recently woke up to find a large hole in her porch screen.

Turns out, it was a bear busting through her screen.

Bockraths says the bear visits her pool frequently and prefers to sit on a ledge while splashing around.

He may seem cute, but to Bockraths and other neighbors, the cuteness is a little too close for comfort.

“He’s very sneaky. I don’t see him unless I hear the water moving or I see a ripple across it,” Bockraths said.

Bockraths says her porch screen is the only thing that the bear has damaged at her home.

“If I’m cleaning the lanai, and I’ve got music playing, all the sudden he’ll come running around… and I don’t know where he comes from… but all the sudden, there he is,” he said.

she also said she enjoys sending pictures of the big guy to her family.

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