Are The Tables Turning? Litecoin Transactions Compared To Bitcoin Are 75% And Growing


Knowledge compiled by @MASTERBTCLTC reveals the variety of Litecoin transactions is slightly below 75% of that of the variety of Bitcoin transactions.

Litecoin transactions are 75% of the entire bitcoin transactions.

When will litecoin transactions flip bitcoin transactions?

Someday in 2021 I predict.

227k BTC vs 168k LTC transactions.”

Extra considerably, @MASTERBTCLTC suggests this may very well be the beginning of an uptrend resulting in a flippening in transaction rely someday this yr.


Contemplating wider elements, together with the environmental argument towards proof-of-work tokens, what can we deduce from this development?

The Distinction Between Litecoin and Bitcoin

Although Litecoin is a Bitcoin fork, it differs when it comes to its hashing algorithm, provide, and block transaction instances.

Litecoin has a 2.5 minute block affirmation time versus 10 minutes for Bitcoin. This concentrate on velocity and low transaction charges make it extra appropriate for microtransactions and level of sale funds.

At present, common LTC transaction fees are coming in round $0.0104. Compared, the common BTC transaction fee is $8.131.

Nevertheless, the basic distinction between the 2 lies in Litecoin’s use of the newer Scrypt Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm over Bitcoin’s SHA-256.

Cryptocurrency mining can occur utilizing a CPU, GPU, or ASIC miner. ASIC miners can generate extra hashes (tries) per second to match the goal information string and “win” the block. Due to this fact ASIC miners have a definite benefit over different mining strategies.

However Scrypt was chosen by Litecoin builders as a result of it’s much less conscious of ASIC mining. Though Scrypt ASIC miners have since come onto the market, a good portion of Litecoin mining nonetheless happens utilizing CPUs and GPUs. This makes mining Litecoin more accessible for on a regular basis folks.

What’s Behind This Development?

A lot has been stated concerning the environmental damage brought on by Bitcoin mining in current weeks. Though Litecoin and Bitcoin make use of computationally intensive proof-of-work algorithms, Litecoin’s Scrypt mannequin depends extra closely on reminiscence than out and out processing energy.

The upshot to this reduces the benefit of ASICs and will increase community participation and power effectivity. Therefore some would argue that Litecoin is a greener token.

Analysis compiled by TRG Datacenters confirmed that Litecoin consumed 18.522 kilowatt-hours per transaction. Unsurprisingly, Bitcoin got here backside of the checklist, consuming 707 kilowatt-hours per transaction.

Apparently, Dogecoin, which additionally makes use of a Scrypt algorithm, consumed simply 0.12 kilowatt-hours per transaction.

This present day, it’s too speculative to state that crypto customers are more and more turning to Litecoin for inexperienced causes.

However on the similar time, the three months of knowledge compiled by @MASTERBTCLTC reveals a particular downtrend, of decrease highs, in utilization for Bitcoin.

Taken along with Litecoin’s rising transaction rely this week, this may increasingly recommend customers more and more see Bitcoin primarily as a retailer of worth, reasonably than a coin to make cost transactions with.

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