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When it comes to building a PC, things can be a bit overwhelming. However, the more you look into it building computers is not all that bad. We have a ton of resources online which highlights some of the best build guides available for gaming or any kind of PC that suit your needs. All that you have to do is buy the parts and go through the steps. Unfortunately, buying PC parts right now is a bit of a pain. 

Much like how gaming console platforms are hard to come by, so are GPUs. There’s a big hype behind new product launches so seeing some stock become limited right away is not all that surprising but it’s become a problem for everyone right now as retailers can’t get the stock in place for the likes of the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and the latest GPUs launches for both Nvidia and AMD.

One of the reasons you’ll find GPUs in particular hard to come by is the crypto mining scene. Cryptocurrency is a massive moneymaker and miners will use GPUs to help get through the workload. While it was hopeful for some gamers out there that the GPUs coming out would remove some of the cryptocurrency capabilities, it looks like things aren’t going their way. Nvidia was hopeful that they would block out crypto mining potential for the RTX 3060 but a recent driver accidentally unlocked the GPU.

Fans who may be looking at AMD to step up for gamers, in particular, won’t find any good news either. It’s been reported that AMD won’t be limiting their GPUs by any means although it’s been made clear that the AMD lineup will still be best used for gaming. This could mean that the marketplace will be incredibly difficult to come by the latest GPUs unless you’re interested in paying over market value through a reseller.

Source: PC Gamer 

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