300 of NVIDIA’s new crypto mining cards SEIZED by Hong Kong customs


It seems that Hong Kong customs are having a good day having seized some 300 of NVIDIA’s new CMP (Crypto Mining Processors) mining cards.


According to MyDrivers, Hong Kong customs have seized the crypto mining GPUs in a smuggling attempt — but that’s not what you should be doing when in some regions China has bans on crypto mining farms. There were massive surges of electricity demand from crypto mining farms enjoying cheap electricity prices in many regions of China.

Around 65% of global mining power requirements are supplied by China according to estimates, and because of that the government has been clamping down on crypto mining farms pretty hard. The 300 new NVIDIA crypto mining GPUs were seized, with the entry-level CMP 30HX seized in large quantities.

300 of NVIDIA's new crypto mining cards SEIZED by Hong Kong customs 02 | TweakTown.com

Now just imagine seeing all of these crypto mining cards and not being able to do anything about it — you can’t use them as gaming graphics cards as they have no display output — and you know there’s 300 of them there so crypto mining with electricity on the cheap = foolish not to do it.

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