300 NVIDIA CMP 30HX Cryptocurrency Mining Graphics Cards Seized By Hong Kong Customs


NVIDIA’s recently announced CMP line of graphics cards dedicated to cryptocurrency mining have been rolling out since the first quarter of 2021. The graphics cards are built-to-order which means that orders need to be placed before they are shipped out to customers however an unlucky batch of 300 CMP 30HX graphics cards that were headed to mining farms in China have been seized by Hong Kong Customs authorities.

300 NVIDIA CMP 30HX Cryptocurrency Mining Graphics Cards Seized By Hong Kong Customs, Were Headed To Chinese Mining Farms

NVIDIA in a bid to combat the shortages of its GeForce gaming graphics cards announced the CMP or Crypto Mining Processor lineup. The company also simultaneously tried to limit the hash rate of its latest GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards though we know how that fared out. Still, the NVIDIA CMP lineup allows crypto miners a direct means to order graphics cards in bulk which will primarily be used for mining operations.

NVIDIA Is Selling $30 Million Worth Of CMP Series Mining Cards To A Bitcoin Mining Corporation

A report has now emerged over at MyDrivers that Hong Kong Customs Authorities has seized a total of 300 NVIDIA CMP 30HX graphics cards. The graphics cards are labeled as smuggled units & were reportedly headed to Chinese mining farms. Do note that China still has a ban implemented in several provinces against Cryptocurrency mining operations so that might explain what has just happened here otherwise there’s no other logical reason behind seizing such a large quantity of GPUs. Chinese miners were also the cause behind severe power outages in Iran and have caused power surges in Inner Mongolia as they try to bypass the limitations on mining imposed by their own country.

NVIDIA CMP 50HX, 40HX, 30HX With Turing GPUs

The NVIDIA CMP 30HX, 40HX, and 50HX are all based on the Turing architecture featuring 12nm silicon. The 50HX is based on the TU102 GPU-100 GPU and has a board very similar to the PG150 seen on the RTX 2080 Ti. It features 10GB of memory. The 40HX is based on the TU106-100 GPU and the PG161 board. It features 8GB of memory. The 30HX is based on the TU116-100 and PG161 board. It features 6GB of memory. The 30HX and 40HX have both been confirmed through the driver update. The 50HX and 90HX are both expected to launch in Q2 of this year.

As for the cards themselves, they appear to be NVIDIA CMP 30X models which feature a standard dual-slot and dual-fan design. The cards come with no display outputs and have an aluminum fin-based heatsink that is actively cooled by the fans. The CMP 30HX was recently listed for over $723 US however that was just one retailer. The direct selling cost of the graphics card will be much low compared to what you’d be paying for a singular unit in a retail outlet.

Model GPU Board Memory Power Rating Ethereum Hash Rate Availability
CMP 30HX TU116-100 PG161 SKU 90 6GB 125W 26 MH/s March 2021
CMP 40HX TU106-100 PG161 SKU 100 8GB 185W 36 MH/s March 2021
CMP 50HX TU102-100 PG150 SKU 100 10GB 250W 45 MH/s Q2 Of 2021
CMP 90HX GA102-100 PG132 SKU 100 10GB 320W 86 MH/s May 2021
CMP 220HX? GA100-*** TBA TBA TBA ~210 MH/s? TBA

News Sources: MyDrivers , Videocardz

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